BABY GUMBALL BIRTH Pregnant Mommy Gives Birth of Baby Gumball with Daddy Gumball & Doc McStuffins

Baby gumball birth! Pregnant Mommy gives birth to a cute baby gumball with Daddy Gumball and Doc McStuffins. Doc McStuffins and Huge Dubble Bubble Spiral Gumball Machine called Daddy Gumball are in the bedroom as Pregnant Mommy gives birth IRL to a baby Dubble Bubble gumball machine in this funny kids video from KiddieToysReview™. Pregnant Mommy’s gumballs break and pregnant Mommy feels that’s it’s time to give birth to the baby gumball machine. Gumball Daddy is there as pregnant Mommy calls for Doc McStuffins. Doc McStuffins arrives for a pregnant checkup and help with the birth. Doc McStuffins sees that all the gumballs have broken and are all over the floor.

Doc McStuffins gives a pregnant Mommy tummy ache checkup and a shot to the tummy. Doc McStuffins listens to Mommy’s tummy and can hear that the baby gumball is just about to be born. Daddy Gumball is ready to be a father!! Doc McStuffins helps pregnant Mommy deliver the Dubble Bubble gumball baby; it’s so cute and Mommy and huge Daddy Gumball are so happy. Pregnant Mommy is so happy she gives Dubble Bubble spiral gumball machine Daddy Gumball a kiss. It’s been a fun Doc McStuffins checkup and injection in the tummy with a gumball baby birth in real life. Doc McStuffins arrived just in time to deliver the baby gumball machine after pregnant Mommy’s gumballs broke all over the floor.

Who do you think is more cute – Daddy Gumball or Baby Gumball? Let us know in the comments below.

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